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Reach For The Stars

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Where will your Creativity

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With Hollywood’s Star Factory, prepare to shine like a star. We were designed to create great content specifically for artists, influencers, events and parties.

Vocal booths with large observation windows. A professional green screen section for today’s ever evolving graphic imagery, special effects or overlays. All creative sessions will be at clients’ desired locations throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

From there, talent will be viewed by a live audience while performing or in a creative mode. Boosting recognition and exposure, all while having multiple cameras running, capturing every moment providing loads of material for all social platforms and YouTube channels. So, whether you’re a veteran of the stage or just an aspiring performer, this is your chance to stand in the spotlight.

Our goal is to make certain that every booking is special and catered to in its own unique way to continue generating quality visuals at the highest standard possible with our expert vocal engineers, video editors and directors, making sure your vision is met.

Hollywood Star Factory

We’re more than a mobile studio…we’re culture. Encouraging uniqueness. Inspiring creativity. Building a community.

Who we are

A niche entertainment complex formed to produce Stars. We are not just a mobile media production/recording studio. We are an experience, a vibe, a moment that must be captured and shared.

Create Social Value

Green screen graphics, actor’s reel, vocal recording, music videos, photography, broadcast multi-camera interviews, TV, commercials, podcasts, dance, poetry, promos, web presentations, automated dialogue replacement (ADR) and more.

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